User Scenarios

Realistic goal for someone using my website

They’re going to use this website to educate themselves and those around them, the importance and impact of using reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags what plastic bags do to the ocean. Be able to have the website shared onto social media platforms. For users to be inspired and start using reusable bags instead of plastic ones and hopefully get more involved in initiatives that focus on helping marine life and its habitats.

List the tasks a user might perform – features, content, functionality

       The user will have to click on a button on the entrance page upon clicking on the website and that will lead them straight to the story/journey of the plastic bag to the ocean. This page will require the user to scroll through it to reveal more of the story and progress through. There will be a progress bar on the right-hand side that they can click and drag to move through the story. At the end of the story it there will be an end button that will lead them to the normal webpage. On the normal webpage there will be a Write a user scenario – where, when and why they are using my website and how they’re interacting with it

Write a user scenario – where, when and why they are using my website and how they’re interacting with it

The website will be accessed mainly at home on their laptop or on their phones when they are out to be able to show people what the website is about. They will use this website to educate themselves and people around them the impact of and importance of changing from plastic bags to canvas bags and how the ocean is affected. The website will be used during peoples normal every day.  

Ryder noticed that all the grocery stores stopped using plastic bags and were encouraging customers to bring their own reusable bags. She knows that this is good for the environment but wanted to see more of the impact it has and the change that will happen now that it is being “fixed”.

Ryder found my website while looking to educate herself about the changes from plastic bags to reusable shopping bags. She saw how the ocean is affected specifically and how much change changing from a plastic bag to a reusable bag will have on ocean and oceanic life. Her research was done at home on her laptop in the comfort of her own time and space. She was able to slowly scroll through the page and interact with the buttons and interactive information that will appear as she scrolled down. As she scrolled through the different pages, they will be able to be screenshotted as images which can be shared to social media platforms as they will be succinct and clean images that will look aesthetically pleasing on their feed.

There’ll be different pages that she will access when she gets to the bottom that leads her to shopping pages for where to get reusable bags and biodegradable plastic bags. There will also be links to organisations that are active in terms of cleaning up the ocean which she can then click and be led to their pages. The shopping pages catch Ryders eye and she will click on their and be able to scroll through various amounts of images of reusable bags that she can buy and when she clicks on one she likes a new tab will pop up with the direct link to the item and the website which she can purchase it from. The new tab will allow her to not have to lose her spot on my website and she can easily go back to it and continue scrolling.

Jaden was scrolling through Instagram when he saw an image from my website shared by someone he follows. He wanted to check it out and see what the rest of the website was about. Clicking on the link in the persons biography he was led to my website where he was able to scroll through and learn the story about the harm that is happening to marine life through our use of plastic bags. He was scrolling through the website and noticed that all the different “slides” of the story were clean cut and easy to read. Liking the story behind the website and the visual aesthetic of the pages he made a screenshot of the main pages and decided to share them onto his own social media account.

He kept looking through the website for more information and see what else he could do and saw that there was information of practical ways for people to help and was able to click onto this links and find more information externally. He was able to keep the tab open and was able to skip to different pages of the story to show his family using the progress bar on the side of the webpage. His mother while looking on the website wanted to look through it herself and although she is not an expert with computers and technology, she was able to scroll through the pages at her own ease and not have to worry about various buttons that would make it confusing.

Kyle, an 18 year old, who lives in the suburbs of Sydney, always goes with his parents grocery shopping when he noticed that his normal grocers stopped using plastic bags and started charging customers for their reusable plastic bags and were encouraging customers to buy reusable bags. He was irritated by the change as he always uses those plastic bags at home for his garbage or to put small items in to pack them away. When he got home, he went online to see why these changes are occurring and what the big deal is. As he was looking for answers he came across my website. He noticed that the information was precise and succinct allowing it to be easily read and remembered. The graphics on the page were eye catching and easy to look at. Scrolling through he was able to go through the information at his own pace without being bombarded with paragraphs of information. Wanting to read back on the information he noticed there was a progression bar where he could quickly navigate through the story without having to go from the beginning again. Inspired by the story and information provided he wanted to find a way to get involved and help make a change. That’s where he found the information at the bottom of the page that allowed him to find reusable bags at affordable prices and see initiatives, he could be involved in to help make a change.

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