This blog will contain all of the lecture notes and tutorial/studio work done for Graphic Design: Interactive Digital Media.

About Me

My name is Gabriella and I am a student at Western Sydney University studying a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication). As a designer I want to make that challenge peoples initial thoughts about things. It’s important as a designer to keep learning and growing and that’s what I aim to do.

I’ve had the privilege of having hands on experience with Adobe programs as well as being able to run social media accounts and run graphic design teams for students in high school.

Links Relevant to Interactive Digital Media

Women’s Footprint in History: an educational website that excellently uses parallax to tell a story about women throughout history and the impact they’ve had in changing todays society. http://interactive.unwomen.org/multimedia/timeline/womensfootprintinhistory/en/index.html#front1

Future Library: a website educating people about the future of our forests based out of Oslo, Norway. It uses sleek transitions and parallax to navigate through the pages. https://www.futurelibrary.no/#/

Plastic Adrift: a website that educates people about where plastic ends up when dumped into the ocean. plasticadrift.org

Voyage Game: a website that includes a game that allows kids to voyage across the seas and learn the history about convicts and their voyages https://www.sea.museum/discover/apps-and-games/voyage-game

Every Last Drop: a parallax story that educates people about the impact of their use of water and make them become aware of how much they’re using in their everyday activities. http://everylastdrop.co.uk/

Species in Pieces: display species that are endangered and educate users about them http://www.species-in-pieces.com/#

Outrider: educate people in Climate Change and inspire change https://outrider.org/

Make Your Money Matter: educating people through a story book like website the importance of looking after your money. http://makeyourmoneymatter.org/

Take 3 For the Sea: an organisation that aims to clean up our oceans. The website uses a hero video and uses clean parallax images as a background with multiple symbols to easily guide users around their website. https://www.take3.org/